Why are cookies placed on this website

Cookies are placed to learn how visitors use this website ( This information helps us to improve this site. For example, to improve user-friendliness. Because these kinds of cookies have very little impact on your privacy they fall under the exception in the Cookie Act. Therefore, asking permission to set these cookies is not needed.

No tracking cookies

This website does not use tracking cookies.

Web Statistics

This website uses web statistics which are analyzed. This allows this website to be tailored to visitors even better. The data collected are not used for any other purpose than to improve the website.
The collected data will not be shared with third parties.

The web statistics involves the following data:
[1] The pages which have been visited;
[2] The browser used (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox);
[3] The time and duration of the visit;
[4] Error messages that visitors received.

Website visits are measured with Strato. Measures have been taken to limit the traceability of visitors as much as possible. For example, the host name and IP address of the visitor are shown anonymously in the log files.


Below are the cookies that may be set during a visit to this website.

Cookie law:
- Name: complianceCookie
- Note: Cookie is set to determine if the cookie banner should be displayed on this website.
- Validity: 14 days